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Contribute to Your Con-Ed with MWA Hosted Architecture and Contractor Trainings

View of roof with sun shining downBuilding Your Knowledge Base to Better Serve Your Customers One Firestone Product Training at a Time

MWA offers its customers a broad range of education topics to present to your staff to help them grow. We will provide lunch for your group and can present specific product education tailored to your needs or provide AIA-CEU accredited presentations. Whether you’re an architect or a contractor, there is never a downfall to learning more about the industry you work in and the products that are available to you. For architects, a few of our most popular topics include Single Ply Revolution, High Performance Cover Boards, Tapered Insulation, and Low-Slope Roofing Warranties.

View of roof with sun shining downContractors benefit from Firestone contractor quality seminars, tailored Firestone mobile trailer presentations, AC Tech installer training, and Kemper System applicator training.

Please review our current offerings and contact us about the courses your company is interested in. Don’t forget to ask us about any new trainings we are adding in the near future!

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Commercial Roofing Technologies (RFGTEC) (LU / HSW)
Learn the basics—including common roof terminology, as well as popular roofing systems, product types and their assemblies.
The Single-ply [R]evolution (RFG1plyRev) (LU /HSW)
Gaining a working knowledge of single-ply systems. Advancing attachments and enhancements for selection, installation and durability. Review impact of environmental codes and standards.
Designer Guide to Vegetative Roof Sys. (RFGvegsys) (LU/HSW)
The rise of vegetative roofing, including market drivers, as well as keys to design and installation.
Introduction to Daylighting Systems (RFGdaylgt) (LU/HSW)
An overview of various daylighting systems, key industry information and the ROI analysis for this type of product.
High Performance Roof Systems (HgPerf) (LU/HSW)
Learn what systems will provide: Superior performance, Extended Life Expectancy, Energy Efficiency and Maximized Life-cycle Cost.
Optimized Insulation (OPINSUL) (LU)
Includes discussion on energy efficiency as it relates to insulation, desirable properties for roof insulation, types of insulation including comparisons and concerns, as well as roof insulation layout and attachment.
Architectural Metal Roofing (RFGmtl) (LU/HSW)
Participants will gain knowledge of the selection criteria required to obtain the appropriate metal roofing system for their specific project. Additional learning objectives will be understanding the metal roofing options and systems that are available.
  • As an independent spec writer, MWA has been a trusted resource for many years on all types of roofing and related enclosure weatherproofing systems. The technical support and specification reviews have been of a high quality with an attention to detail that can only be found among individuals that live, breathe, and understand the nuances of their business. Response times and follow-up are also exceptional. The service provided by MWA is one I place a high value on, as it ultimately saves me time in the preparation of technical specifications. Amy Baker, Amy Baker Arc
  • As an architect, I rely on my product representatives to be knowledgeable and responsive when I need assistance with getting or understanding information about their products and systems. Over the years MWA has done an outstanding job of providing our region with Product Representatives that meet and exceed my expectations! Dawn Peterson, Neumann/Smith Architecture
  • I don’t know that we could have achieved our level of success without the continued support of MWA. From providing technical support and knowledge of the products that you represent; to the relentless pursuit of client satisfaction, we could not have asked for a better industry partner. Brian McDonald, J&L Roofing Company
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