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Commercial Roofing Services for Contractors in the Michigan Area

Contractor repairing a rooftop

Commercial Roofing for Contractors in Michigan

MWA Commercial Roofing Solutions is your expert, trusted commercial roofing company for all of your needs. Our experienced team can advise you on the best roofing systems when installing a new roof, provide enhancements for existing roofs, and provide roof assessments and roof maintenance. We always strive to deliver the very best service for all of our clients, servicing businesses in a range of industries and of all different sizes.

Whenever you need help with commercial roofing projects, we will be there to ensure you are completely satisfied with the finished results. We never compromise on the quality of our materials or work, so you can guarantee excellent outcomes every time.

Roofing contractor performing a roof inspection


Whatever your projects involve, our team can provide you with the best roofing systems to meet your needs. We throughly assess field conditions and technical specifications for the best results on each of your jobs, delivering high-quality roofing materials and work that stands the test of time.

By working closely with contractors who are involved in installing building envelope systems, we navigate a complex environment that can change at any time. It can be a challenge to work in such a dynamic environment, but our team helps you to respond to changes quickly. Our commercial roofing services are designed to offer you a range of solutions for all of your projects.


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Technical Expertise

When you are looking for technical expertise in commercial roofing, you can rely on our team to deliver what you need. With years of experience, we give you the advice you require to install and maintain roofing systems as part of projects of all sizes.

Our extensive range of services includes:

  • code interpretation and investigation
  • moisture mitigation solutions
  • fall protection design
  • and more!

Our technical team is the best in the industry and is prepared to deliver insights and advice that will rival any other provider in the state. 

MWA Commercial Roofing Solutions Can Assist with:

  • Roof Inspection
  • Leak Detection and Monitoring Systems
  • Roof and Waterproofing Design
  • Bid Document Design
  • Fall Protection Design and Installation
  • Bid Procurement Assistance
  • Moisture Mitigation Solutions
  • Roof Surveys
  • Roof Asset Management

 Installation Training

Our training services are an important part of our commercial roofing services. By delivering thorough contractor training, we ensure that your team has the skills and knowledge required to install the best roofing systems for your projects. You will be able to serve your customers better with the right training when you build your knowledge and grow your capabilities. Give your staff the support that they need to grow in their careers while helping your business to expand too. Contractors can benefit from our Elevate contractor quality seminars and mobile trailer presentations to furnish them with the knowledge and training that they need to become better contractors. We also deliver AC Tech moisture mitigating primer training and training for Kemper System application.

MWA Commercial Roofing Solutions For You

Find out more about our commercial roofing services for contractors in the Michigan area by getting in touch with our team today. We can discuss your needs and make sure we're able to deliver everything that you require to make all of your future projects more successful than ever before. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and experience the difference of working with MWA Commercial Roofing Solutions. Together, let's build a solid foundation for your roofing projects and take your business to new heights.

  • As an independent spec writer, MWA has been a trusted resource for many years on all types of roofing and related enclosure weatherproofing systems. The technical support and specification reviews have been of a high quality with an attention to detail that can only be found among individuals that live, breathe, and understand the nuances of their business. Response times and follow-up are also exceptional. The service provided by MWA is one I place a high value on, as it ultimately saves me time in the preparation of technical specifications. Amy Baker, Amy Baker Arc
  • I don’t know that we could have achieved our level of success without the continued support of MWA. From providing technical support and knowledge of the products that you represent; to the relentless pursuit of client satisfaction, we could not have asked for a better industry partner. Brian McDonald, J&L Roofing Company
  • As an architect, I rely on my product representatives to be knowledgeable and responsive when I need assistance with getting or understanding information about their products and systems. Over the years MWA has done an outstanding job of providing our region with Product Representatives that meet and exceed my expectations! Dawn Peterson, Neumann/Smith Architecture
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