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Roof Design

Innovative Commercial Roof Design in Michigan

Roofing Contractors working on designing a rooftopOur Roof Design Services Include Specification Reviews, Detail Assistance, and Warranty Compliance Review

In the dynamic field of commercial roofing, the design and implementation of a robust, efficient roofing system are crucial. MWA Commercial Roofing Solutions stands at the forefront of commercial roof design in Michigan, offering state-of-the-art solutions to meet the diverse needs of modern buildings.  

With over 30 years of experience and a rich history in the industry, MWA Commercial Roofing Solutions provides unparalleled expertise in commercial building roof design. Our commercial roofing experts partner with leading manufacturers like Elevate, Gen-Flex, and Gaco. This, coupled with our deep understanding of commercial roofing dynamics, allows us to deliver both functional and aesthetically pleasing top-tier roofing designs.

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Roof Design DrawingComprehensive Roofing Design Services

MWA Commercial Roofing Solutions transcends mere construction in Michigan. We’re an expert team of design architects and seasoned contractors, carefully crafting roofing designs that fit each project’s unique character. From navigating Michigan’s diverse weather patterns to optimizing energy efficiency, our comprehensive approach tackles everything from material selection to intricate drainage systems.

We don’t just cover roofs; we collaborate with you to sculpt architectural statements that are as aesthetically captivating as they are functionally resilient.

Explore our comprehensive roofing solutions below:

  • Customized Roofing Solutions:

From soaring skylines to charming local businesses, each project tells a story, and our bespoke designs ensure your roof is as unique and enduring as your aspirations. Our roofing solutions factor in everything from architectural aesthetics and durability to environmental considerations.

  • Advanced Material Selection:

Our collaboration with renowned manufacturers ensures access to premium roofing materials and systems, guaranteeing your roof not only weathers the elements, but boasts the cutting-edge innovation that only trusted partnerships can deliver.

  • Technical Expertise:

Our team brings a depth of technical knowledge and experience that allows us to push the boundaries of design and performance while ensuring each roof design meets regulatory standards.
Whether we’re taking on a new construction project or a renovation, our comprehensive approach to commercial roof design sets the foundation for a successful and enduring roofing system.

Our designers will review your roof plan and provide a tapered layout that is code compliant and best suited for your roof area. We can also provide options for ease of use and cost efficiency.

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Why Choose MWA Commercial Roofing Solutions

MWA's commitment to excellence is reflected in our customer-centric approach. We believe in building long-term relationships based on trust, quality, and reliability. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals adept in the latest roofing technologies and trends. This expertise enables us to tackle a wide array of projects, delivering results that consistently exceed client expectations.

In addition to our design services, MWA offers ongoing support and consultation, ensuring that our clients receive the best care and advice throughout the life of their roofing systems. Our services are not just about creating roofs; they're about building trust and ensuring the longevity and success of each project we undertake.

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At MWA Commercial Roofing Solutions, we are more than just roofing contractors; we are architects of durable, aesthetically pleasing commercial roofs. We know what it takes to build long-lasting roofs in Michigan.

Contact us today to discuss your project and learn how we can provide you with Michigan's best commercial roofing solutions. Let us help you create a roof that is not only functional but also contributes to the visual appeal and value of your building.

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  • I don’t know that we could have achieved our level of success without the continued support of MWA. From providing technical support and knowledge of the products that you represent; to the relentless pursuit of client satisfaction, we could not have asked for a better industry partner. Brian McDonald, J&L Roofing Company
  • As an independent spec writer, MWA has been a trusted resource for many years on all types of roofing and related enclosure weatherproofing systems. The technical support and specification reviews have been of a high quality with an attention to detail that can only be found among individuals that live, breathe, and understand the nuances of their business. Response times and follow-up are also exceptional. The service provided by MWA is one I place a high value on, as it ultimately saves me time in the preparation of technical specifications. Amy Baker, Amy Baker Arc
  • As an architect, I rely on my product representatives to be knowledgeable and responsive when I need assistance with getting or understanding information about their products and systems. Over the years MWA has done an outstanding job of providing our region with Product Representatives that meet and exceed my expectations! Dawn Peterson, Neumann/Smith Architecture
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